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Practical Applications of Home Automation

Until recently, home automation—also called “smart home”—was simply a technological fantasy in the minds of scientists and film screen writers. Widespread and ongoing development of wireless technology has made total home automation a reality for millions of homeowners across the country. Home automation enables owners to conveniently control all security activities in and around a property with a smartphone. This (literally) places all power in the hands of the owner—from pre-programming settings and adding lighting and HVAC systems to recording capabilities and storage options.

In addition to simplicity and convenience, wireless home security systems bring numerous practical applications including:

  • Minimize Worrying: While homeowners are at work or a movie or away for any other reason, they often worry about the security of their home and its contents. If they live in a higher-crime neighborhood, their driveway is not well lit or the front lock is not functioning properly, this can lead to stress and even paranoia. With smart home, an owner can monitor the status of the home security system by watching live video on any smart phone—at any time of day or night and from any spot in the world.


  • Viewing Capabilities: Research shows that over 70% of married American households include spouses who both work outside the home. This means a vast majority of U.S. homes are empty during daytime hours. When they cannot be physically present at home, owners need to know whether their kids arrived safely from school, the housekeeper or dog-walker remembered to lock the door, an important package was delivered and other concerns. With home automation, cameras can be installed anywhere and real-time activity monitored at any time.

  • Remote Access: A homeowner can remotely lock and unlock a building from anywhere, whether lying in bed or vacationing on the other side of the world. Some where far. She or he can adjust the interior temperature whether in the backyard hot tub or hiking Machu Picchu. Sprinklers can be controlled from the dining room or a cruise down the Danube River.

  • Resource Conservation: Lighting, heating and air conditioning systems, sprinkler systems and even appliances can be operated with a home automation program. Lights can be dimmed, thermostats adjusted and sprinklers and appliances turned off when not needed. This reduces consumption of electricity and, therefore, costs associated with this energy source.

Some companies specialize in home automation and help homeowners understand these and other practical applications. Of these, LiveWatch is among the most trusted and experienced. LiveWatch was founded nearly 15 years ago and is currently protects more than 200,000 U.S. households with some of the finest home automation systems available anywhere.

About LiveWatch:

LiveWatch offers innovative home security solutions including its wireless security camera system. It prides itself on providing homeowners across the country with devices that are affordable, easy to install, convenient and durable.

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