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A Few Tips on Keeping Smart Homes Secure

Wireless home security systems and some careful thinking can help people protect their smart homes. And right now, homeowners need both in a big way.


It is no secret that wireless technology are quickly changing how people live. With products like Alexa and Siri, what was once the stuff of science fiction movies has literally come home. Homeowners and their families can now live more conveniently and comfortably than ever before.



However, that comfort and convenience come with some hazards. Smart Home Solver co-owner Alysa Kleinman recently told Future of Everything, “If trends continue the way they are headed, the rise in smart home technology will bring a rise in hacking. … Getting your smart home hacked into will be as common as phishing was in the early days of the Internet.”


That grim pronouncement should make clear how important it is for people to think about the security of their smart homes. This means keeping watch over smart devices as well as investing in top-quality wireless home security system.


Purchase Smart Devices from Recognizable Brands


Smart home products from big brands are not unfailingly secure—just a little online digging will turn up plenty of recent stories about people hacking into major systems.


However, that very publicity is a sign of why names like LG and Samsung are a better bet than startups. Because these companies are so big and attract so much attention, they have the resources and the need to resolve security problems as soon as possible.


Update and Check Settings on Smart Home Devices Regularly


No one likes dealing with software updates on their computer, but they need to do it. The same principle applies to smart devices around the home. Some gadgets will not update automatically, so users might need to look for them on the manufacturer’s website or smartphone app. Updates may not come out that often, but they should be installed quickly when they do.


Also, the settings on smart home devices should not need to be checked too often—after all, they would not be very “smart” if they did. Still, it is a good idea to go over them just to close up any security loopholes. For example, homeowners could disable a device’s internet connection if it does not really need it.


Get a Top-Notch Wireless Home Security System


Last but not least, homeowners should consider investing in a good wireless home security system and a wireless security camera system. The best systems use powerful encryption to prevent hackers from accessing them. They can also allow people to see activity in their home at any time and send alerts within seconds.


LiveWatch offers some of the best wireless home security systems on the market. The company’s innovative solutions and award-winning customer center help over 200,000 US customers protect their homes.


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